Concert van Chip Taylor komt te vervallen

Helaas komt het concert van Chip Taylor op 21 april 2020 te vervallen in verband met de gezondheid van zijn vrouw Joan. Zoals Chip zelf op Facebook zegt:

To all my Netherlands friends:

I am so sorry to say we have to cancel our April tour. Certainly the upheaval in the world regarding the the new virus and the advisory from our government saying not to fly, had us all thinking.

But the final straw was that my loving wife, Joan, had a small stroke on Saturday. She is generally ok and is now out of the hospital recovering – but full recovery will take a bit of time.

Anyway .. going forward .. I’m quite sure we’ll be thinking about touring in the fall, as it is what I love to do – there’s nothing I love more. And no one I’d rather play for than my Dutch friends.

Hope to see you very soon!

Best regards / Chip